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Solutions for Governments

Solutions for Governments


A set of solutions for continuous monitoring and management of cellular antennas, Guardian Government enables national regulators to obtain the relevant on-line information related to mobile antennas in order to ensure public safety, quality of service, compliance with licenses and national standards.

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Solution for Operators

Solution for Operators

Continuous monitoring, management and control system for self regulation related to radiation, spectrum and QoS. Guardian Operator enables the operator to ensure compliance with licenses and regulations during the RF planning stage and during the operational stage. Moreover, this automated solution enables time efficient management of installation and transmission permit requests.



SmartCamp 2011 competition
Wave Guard Technologies won the People Choice Award in IBM SmartCamp 2011 competition help yesterday in Israel.
April 2010 - Israel to Purchase the Guardian Government
The Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection, have purchased Guardian Government product solution. This positions Israel as the first country in the world to move to ON-LINE Nationwide Management and Control of Cellular Radiation Sources activity.
March 2011 - Israel National Report to the WHO
Israel National Report about the use of the Guardian Government solution in Israel is sent to the World Health Organization.
May 2011 - ICNIRP conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia
The Radiation Commissioner in the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection presents its use of the Guardian Government solution and “recommend WHO – EMF Project to diligently study the new technology towards potentially setting it as the recommended standard for cellular radiation measurement method".
July 2011 - Guardian Municipality
Wave Guard launches Guardian Municipality for continuous monitoring of cellular antennas at the municipal level.
November 2012 - Aerial Monitoring System (AMS)
Wave Guard launces the AMS, Aerial Monitoring System, which enables RF EMF exposure monitoring over time and space based on sProbe™s.

Aerial Monitoring System (AMS)

The AMS is a comprehensive software based product. The product enables aerial monitoring of RF EMF exposure over time and space with software based probes (sProbe™). This unique patented technology consists of an unlimited number of sProbe™s distributed by the central management and control system. sProbe™ locations can be activate or relocate at any given time by a simple mouse click.

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